Cosmopolitan Art Fair!  

Written on Feb, 17 2021 21:22
Through this Art Fair, we would like to give the artists an opportunity to present their artwork and share it with friends and collectors.



David Ru, Rustam Turaev, Andrei Kolkutin, Tegi Barsegian, Troy Khasiev, Irina Matinian, Sophia Popovic, Marc Vanderleeden, Annete Rawlings, Iliyan Ivanov, Janet Walker, Raisa Shulman, Jill DeCotiis, Barron Krody, Jenni Souter, Olga Gobernik-Kon, Yuriy Dikov, Grigory Gurevich, Lidia Chepovetsky.

We are inviting artists to submit their work for consideration and selection, to be a part of our Art Fair. We will present your work to the public, gallery directors, curators, and collectors.

We will launch an extensive email marketing campaign, online and social media advertising.

Collectors and art admirers from all over the world will be able to see your art in a curated virtual interactive space.

Visitors will be able to look at individual works, and by clicking on artist’s info, visit artist’s websites to view additional works, and purchase directly from the artist.

Accepted Categories:
Painting, Drawing, Photography, Printmaking and Mixed Media.

Send your short bio and three images of your artworks to gallerymargo.nyc@gmail.com
Please include:
• The artist’s name
• The title of the work
• The medium of the work
• The size of the work
• The price of the work (if applicable)

• Every artwork includes an information section about the exhibitor and their artwork.
• $150-500 for 3-10 artwork.
• You keep 100% of all art sales.

ENTRY DEADLINE: due to the substantial demand, we have extended the deadline for submissions until February 28, 2021.

Many thanks for continuing to be a part
of our vibrant and caring Art World community.
We wish you all a joyous, happy, safe
and healthy year!

Margo Grant
+1 917 449-2842

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