General Terms and Conditions

Kto Tam Inc. provides you with, and you agree you have received, an express opportunity to accept and decline these terms and conditions and to correct any errors immediately before you enter into an agreement with Kto Tam Inc. for the services.

You must be at least twenty one (21) years of age to sign this agreement with Kto Tam Inc.

If you currently entering into an agreement with Kto Tam Inc. for the services you agree: If you choose to decline these terms and conditions or wish to correct any errors before you enter into these terms and conditions you must immediately notify us by email

By using Kto Tam Inc. services, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Kto Tam Inc. shall have the right to inquire about and furnish credit history information regarding you and your account from and to others, including credit reporting agencies. Pending approval of your credit, Kto Tam Inc. may require you to satisfy certain activation requirements, which may include mandatory credit card payments.

Kto Tam Inc. will not sell or share the information collects from customers with anyone else.

2. Payment options.

2. 1. AutoPay Service. If you enroll in this service, your payment amount will be charged from your credit card or bank account on the due date.

2.2. Pay by Mail. You agree to pay the total charges due by the due date stated by mailing a check or money order made payable to Kto Tam Inc.

2.3. Express payment. You may use this service trough “On-line payment option” available in invoice received by e-mail.

3. Any questions or discrepancies regarding charges on your invoice must be reported to Customer Service within 30 days of the billing date.

Failure to contact us within this period will constitute your acceptance of such charges.

4. Kto Tam Inc. may terminate or suspend immediately, without notice or liability, any or all of your services or any services provided to you service address by Kto Tam Inc. under your account or under any other agreement or account, whether or not such services are billed to or payable by you, if: (a) you breach any of these terms and conditions; (b) you fail to pay when due any amount you owe to Kto Tam Inc. for services provided pursuant to any other agreement or account that you may have with Kto Tam Inc.; (c) you give false or misleading information;

Temporary disconnection available for one or more moths without Reactivation fee.

5. Your account information may, from time to time, be disclosed to other members of the Kto Tam Inc. organization and to our agents and authorized dealers in order to service your account, respond to your questions and promote additional products and services offered by members of the Kto Tam Inc. organization that may interest you. If you do not wish to receive offers or information from related Kto Tam Inc. companies, please contact Manager, Customer Relations at Kto Tam Inc.

6. Except where prohibited by applicable law, any claim, dispute or controversy (whether in contract or tort, pursuant to statute or regulation, or otherwise, and whether pre-existing, present or future) arising out of or relating to: (a) these terms and conditions; (b) the services provided to you by us; (c) oral or written statements, or advertisements or promotions relating to these terms and conditions or to the services; or (d) the relationships which result from these terms and conditions (collectively, the "Claim") will be referred to and determined by a sole arbitrator (to the exclusion of the courts). Except where prohibited by applicable law, you waive any right you may have to commence or participate in any class action against us related to any Claim and, where applicable, you also agree to opt out any class proceedings against us. Arbitration will be conducted by one arbitrator pursuant to the commercial arbitration laws and rules in effect on the date of the notice in the province in which your service or billing address (as applicable) is located.

7. We may at any time and from time to time change these terms and conditions and/or (unless otherwise expressly agreed with you) any fees, features or other aspects of your services upon notice to you and without your consent Notification may be provided using one or more of the following methods: (a) postcard or letter mailed to your billing address; (b) bill message or insert; (c) e-mail to one or more of your email accounts, if applicable; (d) posting on Kto Tam Inc.; (e) newspaper ad; or (f) speaking to you or leaving a message for you. If you do not agree to any such changes of these terms and conditions and/or fees, features or other aspects of the services, your sole and exclusive remedy is to immediately stop using the services and terminate your services. Your continued use of the services following such notice means you agree to such changes. These terms and conditions apply to all Kto Tam Inc. services billed on your invoice, including all services provided by Kto Tam Inc.. Kto Tam Inc. shall have the right to accept or decline service request without explanations.

Do not sign this contract unless you agree that you will be bound by the language printed on our contract.

By clicking on the "I agree" button, you consent to have this Agreement provided to you in electronic form. This action crates an electronic signature that has the same legal force and effect as a handwritten signature, indicating your consent to enter into a legally binding contract.


Kto Tam Inc.

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